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Highest Quality International title for Galan Logistics.


Highest Quality International title for Galan Logistics. The Gold QI Emblem symbolises the excellent results of our company and the whole team.

Winning the award is a confirmation that Galan Logistics invariably applies standards which guarantee its customers receive services at the highest level – says Konrad Gałan CEO Galan Logistics. We would like to thank the Chapter of the Programme, which so highly appreciated and rewarded the activities related to our commitment to improving quality management procedures.

Highest Quality QI is the largest pro-quality program in Poland, which is carried out under the auspices of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the Department of Process Management at the University of Economics in Kraków and the Polish Committee for Standardization. The aim of the programme is to identify and reward those companies and institutions that represent the standards that guarantee that customers and consumers receive the product or service at the highest level.